Para pasar el invierno

"This idyll isn't real."
Hendrik Weber (aka
Pantha du Prince)

¿Ruido negro? ¿Sonidos glaciales? ¿Personas-árboles?... Me pone la piel de gallina. Y me deja sin palabras.

(Mejor, porque si hablo, corro el riesgo de no oír el ruido).

__________|__Ficha técnica:
__________|__Released on Rough Trade (2010)
__________|__Collaborations with Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear) of Animal Collective
__________|____and Tyler Pope (!!! and LCD Soundsystem)
__________|__Prepared instruments played on location in Switzerland by Joachim
__________|____Schütz, Stephan Abry and Hendrik Weber.

__________|__ "Stick to My Side"
__________|__Directed by Amaury Agier-Aurel
__________|__Ass by Aurélien Offner
__________|__Starring Hendrik Weber and Alexandre Roccoli
__________|__Costumes by Asha Mines
__________|__Features Noah Lennox from Animal Collective on vocals